Dr. Feelgood
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 12 2007
Directed by Scott Lautanen
Written by Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman
Episode Chronology
Out of the Past

Dr. Feelgood is the third episode of the TV series Moonlight. A newly sired vampire goes rogue, and Beth Turner is still getting used to learning that Mick St. John is a vampire.

Plot Edit

After being struck by a car, a vampire accidentally sires another and leaves, thinking the man dead. The new vampire goes rogue and starts killing. The event brings up old memories for Mick of when his wife, Coraline Duvall, turned him into a vampire.

Beth is dealing with finding out that Mick is a vampire, and she has questions. After the vampire goes rogue, she reports on the attacks for Buzzwire, and she takes charge of getting Mick to investigate the case with her.

Mick and Beth track down the vampire who was struck by the car, Gerald Stovsky, and the man who was turned, Dr. Jeffrey Pollack. They go to Pollack's house to find him Stovsky shows up. Stovsky stakes Mick to stop him from getting to Pollack, since Stovsky now has a "son" and wants to protect him. But Pollack is too far mentally gone and attacks people at the hospital where he works. Mick gets there in time to stop him. Beth suggests going to the police, but Mick incinerates him instead.

After avoiding Beth's question about it, Mick finally tells her how he was turned into a vampire.

Characters Edit

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