Josh Lindsey is a recurring human character in the TV series Moonlight. He and Beth Turner have been seeing each other for about a year at the beginning of the series, but Josh becomes increasingly insecure in their relationship as Beth gets closer to Mick St. John. Josh is a deputy district attorney of Los Angeles, and Beth and Mick occasionally get involved with his cases.

History Edit

Josh is introduced in the first episode No Such Thing as Vampires as Beth's boyfriend.

In episode eleven Love Lasts Forever, Josh begins prosecuting Chemma Tejada, the leader of the HEM gang. Josh and Beth are both threatened to get Josh to back off the case, but he decides to go forward with pressing charges when Beth encourages him. After a failed attempt on Beth's life, Josh is kidnapped by Tejada's men Bustos and Huerta. Beth and Mick pursue the kidnappers in a car, and Mick's vampire contact Logan Griffen traces Josh's phone allowing them to catch up with Josh and the kidnappers. Just as Beth and Mick are getting Josh out of the car, Huerta shoots Josh through the backseat. Despite Mick and Beth's attempts to save his life, Josh dies. As a final option, Beth asks Mick to turn Josh into a vampire, but Mick refuses, creating a rift as Beth blames him for not saving Josh.

In episode 12 The Mortal Cure, Beth is still grieving for Josh. He had her named as his beneficiary for his life insurance through his work. Beth discovers that he had a dinner meeting with a woman named Celeste, and thinking that he might be having an affair, Beth goes to the dinner and confronts her. But Celeste is a jeweler and was setting Josh's grandmother's stone in a ring; he was intending to propose. Beth and Mick attend Josh's funeral, and Beth wears Josh's ring.

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Trivia Edit

  • Josh's cell phone number is 310-555-0119.[1]
  • First date with Beth was on October 17th. He took her to a dive bar called Rustic Inn.
  • Dies on a Friday in January.

References Edit

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