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55 years ago, Mick St. John wed the beautiful Coraline only to discover
Moonlight series

on their wedding night that she is a vampire, when she turned him into one so they could be together forever. Tormented by the monster he had become, Mick chose to become a private investigator, using his unique and preternatural abilities for good instead of evil. Along the way, he often finds himself crossing paths with Beth Turner, a crime reporter for the internet video news site BuzzWire as they find themselves investigating the same crimes. At the same time, Mick finds himself growing more and more attracted to Beth who initially can't place him as the man who saved her when she was kidnapped as a little girl.

"Moonlight" is currently airing on Friday nights at 9:00/8:00c on CBS, following Ghost Whisperer, in the USA. Channel Nine in Australia will begin airing the series on December 12th, 2007 at 9:30PM local time. Episodes of the TV show are, also, available for purchase from iTunes in the US.

Unfortunately, after a writer strike and supposed lack of viewers, Moonlight was canceled after one season. The entire season is now out on DVD.

Main Characters

Mick St. John, Beth Turner, Josef Kostan, Coraline, Josh Lindsey, Lt. Carl Davis, Maureen Williams, Benjamin Talbot.


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